Here are some testimonials from our past clients

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The counselling I undertook improved my life and I feel like I am working towards making my life better by being able to deal with my issues. Aileen’s approach was caring and very sensitive to my needs. I was very much at ease through our course of sessions. Aileen gave me lots of helpful information, highly recommended!




The counselling provided was really helpful and my life has improved since. I felt extremely depressed and low before my counselling now I am more happy and hopeful. I have also become more confident and calm.

Mrs TD

I now feel like I am in control of my life. Rather than being made to feel guilty through control and manipulation about so many things that were not true and were so upsetting to me. I thank my counsellor for our sessions in making me see my predicament for what it was.


Aileen has helped me to finally regain my confidence in myself. Lovely woman


I am not so concerned about what other people think of me and do not worry about having to pretend to be interested in others. Counselling with Aileen has helped me to believe I am not a failure.


Counselling has reduced my sense of being alone. I have learnt not to worry too much about my sense of feeling lonely. I have also improved my way of thinking and how I deal with things head on and learnt to only worry about things I can control and not things I can’t


A real relief to talk about the things affecting me! Aileen Doyle was a real pleasure to deal with, thank you. Things are beginning to click into place. Important changes I now feel I am ready to make.


Frankly I was a wreck for two years before seeing my Counsellor. Since seeing Aileen however I have grown in confidence I didn’t know I possessed. Counselling has brought me out the other side of my issues helping me lay them out in front of me and helping me deal with each in turn over the course of sessions. I realise that my life can follow the path I want and further that past experiences have also contributed in helpful ways up to this point of my life. I now feel that I, as an individual, can make happen the things I want in my life